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Grav Tag Filters

Grav Tag Filters

Grav CMS! It is what is powering this site! As I work my way through understanding more about Grav, I hope to document some of the issues and fun things I run into.

Today's adventure is related to the Taxonomy List plugin, a nice plugin that allows custom tags to be applied to pages.

List of tags

The Tax...

28th Nov 2022

Linux Shell SSH/No Root One-Liner

Having a scripts for repeatable system administration saves times and reduces human errors. The following lines can be used in shell scripts (I tend to use bash) or in the cloud-init data of a cloud provider. I tend to have this script and the public key of an SSH key in a public Git repo that I j...

20th Nov 2022

Grav CMS

For the past few years I've been running my (mostly) inactive website via Gitlab pages, serving statically generated pages from Hugo. Static site generators like Hugo and Jekyll take markdown, join it with some images and CSS, convert it all to html, and there you have a website which can be serv...

4th Nov 2022

Moving to Proxmox

Virtualization is an important tool for a homelab, large or small. For many years I ran some iteration of VMWare, normally ESXi with vCenter. Last year I switched everything from VMWare to Proxmox, a "free" hypervisor platform. In 2022 there are quite a few homelab hypervisor platforms that we co...

6th May 2022


If you manage domains for yourself or your organization, it might be a good idea to have an idea of similar looking/sounding domains from a security perspective. This blog isn't focused much on brand protection, although that is another use-case for being aware of similar domains to your own. Ther...

16th Aug 2020
Homelab Update

Homelab Update

I recently (Summer 2020) took some time to revisit, update, and document my homelab. This was also a great time to upgrade the primary hypervisor that I've been using since 2013, ~7 years ago.

New Hypervisor Parts

The parts used for this build are primarily new, but I reused the case and a few...

5th Jul 2020